DH Sales Group, formerly DH Marketing,  is an Independent Manufacturers Representative company serving the land mobile wireless communications industry. Our target markets include public safety, utility, oil & gas, self maintained end users, and two way radio dealers. We provide sales coverage for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

For over twenty-five years we have represented  select, quality manufacturers who provide the most dependable communications equipment in our industry. These manufacturers have a proven history of dependable products and quality customer service.

What is a Manufacturers Representative?

Manufacturers Representatives are professional sales companies. They are independent in terms of legal entities, but are truly interdependent with the Manufacturers they represent. Success for the Rep firm cannot be separated from success for the Manufacturer.

A Rep firm exists to provide professional field sales, market share growth, and marketing services to multiple Manufacturers within an industry. Typically, they sell within a defined geographic territory with an annual, renewable contract and are paid by commissions earned on sales. Because Rep firms are paid on commission, the Manufacturer incurs no cost to employ the sales force until there is a sale.

What is a Consultative Manufacturers Representative?

The Consultative Representative provides professional strategic planning and marketing services. In addition to the professional sales, the Consultative Representative has the professional skill sets, knowledge and experience to provide the manufacturer with the design and development of professional marketing materials, planning and execution of a marketing plan. They can develop professional data sheets, marketing sheets, customer care cases, and a comprehensive strategic plan with a targeted goal of guiding the manufacturer to success in a specific market.